Well, here’s some news we didn’t see coming. Hot on the heels of its visiting chef pop-up series, fancy hot dog joint Parlor Deluxe has announced it is now closed. 

In an email, co-owner James Groetzinger says, “Parlor Deluxe was an awesome project for us and the past couple of years truly were a great experience for our team. With summer winding down, we have decided that it’s the best time to refocus on our first born. On behalf of The Jerks at PD, we want to thank our friends, family, neighbors and great guests for all of the fun soda shop nostalgia and madness.”

No word on why they pulled the plug, perhaps the $8-$11 hot dogs were too pricey for the tourists/college students in the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood. Or maybe it had to do with the fact that the tiny space could only seat half a dozen. Either way, following the July shuttering of Two Boroughs Larder, this is the second restaurant closure for the neighborhood in three months.