The following is a press release from the Bob Conley campaign for U.S. Senate, with some kind words from Shelley Buchanan:

“This small contribution carries with it the Buchanan family’s gratitude for the loyalty of Bob Conley to the Buchanan Brigades of yesteryear, and my personal best wishes for his success in his brave and uphill Senate campaign, which reminds me of our own efforts in days gone by,” said Shelley S. Buchanan, the wife of author, television commentator, and former presidential candidate, Patrick J. Buchanan.

“I am very grateful for the Buchanan family’s show of support for our grassroots campaign,” said Bob Conley. “This support has re-energized our staff, supporters and contributors for the final leg of the campaign.”

“I urge conservatives everywhere to come to the aid our campaign. I welcome everyone who believes as I do that the federal government has embarked on a dangerous course that threatens to further erode our civil liberties, expand global entanglements, plunder our tax dollars, and perpetuate the climate of corruption in Washington,” Conley said. “As the next Senator from South Carolina, I will work with fellow patriots in Congress to restore constitutional government in Washington.”