The artist Patch Whisky stopped by the City Paper office today to install a wood cutout of one of his signature critters in the stairwell. The picture you see is of phase one; he’ll be coming back soon to add some more clouds.

Whisky, who until recently worked at a studio in North Charleston’s Park Circle neighborhood, is best known for his street art. His spray-paint murals grace walls in Park Circle and Avondale, and his work has been featured in venues from the Museum of Sex in New York City to Art Basel in Miami. He describes the creatures he creates as “happy-go-lucky rainbow monsters” and pretty much leaves it at that.


Originally from West Virginia, he recently moved to Savannah, Ga., to help a friend start an as-yet-unnamed art facility in a six-story building on downtown Habersham Street. He’s already moved into a studio there, and upcoming gigs include Art Basel and a Mellow Mushroom in West Palm Beach, Fla., where he has been hired to paint the entire restaurant.

Don’t worry, though, Patch Whisky fans: He’ll be back in town from time to time. “Savannah is just an extension of Charleston, really,” he says.

We’ve been huffing paint fumes at the City Paper office for weeks as painters apply a spiffy new CMYK-themed color scheme to the walls, and the place is finally starting to look pretty darn swanky. What do you think about our new acquisition?