this is in response to some previous views of our southern lifestyles. i was born in 1977 at MUSC. i am now 32 years of age and understand that we have a lot of growing to do here in the south. and i do appreciate that we have people coming from all over the world to visit the city of charleston. all are welcome in my home and charleston is just that, my home.
some of the guests visiting my home are a little or even a lot different than what we are familiar with. i have learned to practice patience in understanding how we all are learning to inter-mingle with our obvious differences in lifestyles. i just would like all the visitors to have a little patience with us.
we are not all the same, here in the “South.” but, we do have to find ways of co-existing. with that in mind, i ask that your opinions are not of all people here. my mother instilled exceptional qualities in all seven of her children. we do our best not to let her down.
maybe we will encounter each other and a different light can be seen from your eyes.
i also thank you dearly, for keeping charleston on it’s toes.