A lot of people were upset when the Storm & Kenny Radio Show with Stupid Mike got the ax when 96 Wave went away and Chuck FM took its place. It was a great show that many Charlestonians loved, including Kenny Z, one of the hosts. Last night at the amateur stand-up comic contest (which opened this year’s Charleston Comedy Fest), Kenny, who played host, expressed his displeasure with having lost his job. He noted the following and I paraphrase somewhat:

“I was listening to Chuck FM with my friend in the car and suddenly the car started filling up with shit. It was like diarrhea coming out of the speakers. My friend said what should we do? We’re gonna drown in this shit. And I said the only thing we can do is change the channel and we did and we were saved.”

Then Kenny, to make his feeling clear and to illustrate his view of the quality of the current formatting of the new Chuck FM, made copious farting sounds into the mic.

These were met with heartfelt sounds of applause. No doubt Kenny will regale you with more hilarity during his showcase event with some of his friends from New York where he now lives.