The surprising death of Michael Jackson left devoted fans around the world reeling in shock. For those who were not able to mourn their loss outside the gates of the Neverland Ranch, the media has provided virtually non-stop coverage for viewers to grieve on their own. Many Charleston fanatics removed themselves from their television shrines to the King of Pop for a few hours Saturday night to remember the lyrical legend with the help of The Thrillers, an MJ tribute band. With nearly a hundred of their closest and drunkest friends, Jackson devotees spent hours at O’Malley’s commemorating his life by breaking it down to his best songs. The crowded bar turned into an impromptu dance hall as patrons “danced the night away” to the classics. The best part of Jackson’s career, his music’s undeniable uniting force, was showcased in full glory. Young and old, black and white, dancers of all ages and races came together, grooving to the beats they have known and loved for decades. As one eloquent CNN reporter pointed out, who can envision a soundtrack of their lives without a Michael Jackson hit?

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