You can’t write about 2013 without mentioning Miley Cyrus’ ass.

You have to write about the twerking.

The jerking.

The preening.

The posing.

The pulling one-over-on-the-controversy-hungry entertainment press and the gullible tele-guppies.

The manufactured shitstorm over Miley’s VMA appearance — and the subsequent coverage of each and every one of her additional manufactured moments of pop culture outrage  — are quintessential to understanding the year that was.

And just as you can’t talk about 2013 without talking about the Molly-taking Cyrus, you can’t write an article about Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell’s Confederate problem — and how it might negatively affect his chances of becoming the prez of CofC — without mentioning that photo. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that might single-handedly deep six the college’s efforts at pulling in more African American students if McConnell gets the post. But somehow the fine folks at the Post and Courier think you can. They’re wrong.

Try as you might, this photo just ain’t going away. 

Other than that, the P&C’s article is pretty dang good. Give it a read.