PDA and Stölzle apparently aren’t feeling any pain in these tight financial times — they made that clear at Thursday night’s extravagant client appreciation party. They weren’t even checking people at the door of the newly renovated Memminger Auditorium’s courtyard entrance — The place practically screamed, “Come one, come all, and see how badass we are.” The party transformed the auditorium, with incredible light displays from PDA, a lighting/sound/staging company whose clients have included CNN, BMW, and Hillary Clinton. One room turned up the nerd factor with a huge stage for Guitar Hero rockstars, along with big blocks of cheese and meats and grilled veggies. In the next room, students from the Culinary Institute of Charleston presented party-in-your-mouth hors d’oeuvres like oyster shooters and tequila-flamed scallops, while the bar kept the Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka flowing (until, tragically, they ran out), served of course in crystal stemware from locally based company Stölzle. Entertainment on all sides included a live yoga ballet performance, a fire breather, an aerial silk performer, and guerilla performances from painted artists who crept around the room, pawing guests. Can we say sensory overload? My sole complaint is that the party ended before dancers worked up the nerve to get going on the incredible Technicolor dance floor. A party like that should last all night long. —Erica Jackson