It seems that Pecha Kucha never sleeps. It’s already time for the tenth installment of the lecture series/happy hour/show-and-tell extravaganza.

The line-up includes, appropriately, 10 speakers: Karalee Nielsen of REV Foods, Ethan Jackson of creative house Lunch & Recess, Tom Bradford of Charleston Moves, Hailey Wist of the Garden Summer, Kate and Lindsey Nevin of 1600 Meeting Street, architect Mary McFaddin, Forty Beads author Carolyn Evans, artist/actor Julio Cotto, DJ duo Cassidy & the Kid, and Yve Assad and Will Fulford of

The event will take place on Wed. May 25 at an undisclosed location. Tickets will go on sale May 17, and they pretty much always sell out, so go ahead and get your $5 ready.

  • Garden Summer