Peninsula Grill celebrated the release of its first cookbook, Peninsula Grill: Served with Style, at a luncheon today. The event was also a holiday banquet for the Historic Charleston Foundation.

Owner Hank Holliday proudly introduced Chef Graham Dailey, who co-authored the book with Melissa Bigner (and with help from Brys Stephens). As Holliday pointed out, sales at the restaurant have increased since Dailey took over, and the chef spent hundreds of hours putting out the book on top of settling in to his first 18 months at Peninsula Grill.

Attendees were served grilled wreckfish with lobster succotash and asparagus. Not surprisingly, dessert was the restaurant’s famed coconut cake. (Its recipe is available in the book, if you’ve got the patience for it).

By the way, did you know that the coconut cake is now legally trademarked? So be careful if you’re trying to replicate it.

The book is currently available for purchase on Peninsula Grill’s website. In addition to recipes, it features photographs by Peter Frank Edwards, stories on the restaurant’s history, insight into the wine cellar, and more.