[image-2]Peninsula Grill is hosting its first-ever month-long tribute to caviar beginning tonight. A big caviar enthusiast, Executive Chef Graham Dailey is offering a Classic, Charleston, and Chef’s style for those looking for a little more luxe in their dinner. And with three different price points, you can choose your level of indulgence.

Full food porn details below: [image-3] Chef’s Style, $40 Hackleback Caviar served with crispy sweet potato chips and a dollop of whipped goat cheese.

Charleston Style, $75
Sterlet Caviar served with pickled shrimp and Lowcountry cucumber.

Classic Style, $150
Osetra Caviar served with potato blini, onion, hard cooked egg, and clabber cream.

[image-1] Sommelier Dennis Perry also has a full list of pairing suggestions for each option.