1st Place ($300)


Priscilla Thomas, “The Elements: Earth”

This is the first photo in an artistic series that Priscilla is working on, as she captures the elements through human personification. She applied simple potting soil to her model, and set her against a white background. The judges commented that the use of negative space was well executed, and the rough, muddy skin against the clean background produced a great texture and affective contrast.

2nd Place ($170)


Frank Moore, untitled

Taken as a quick shot as he walked by, Frank Moore captured this base camp soldier in February 1970 during the Vietnam War with his Nikon FTN. The grainy roughness of the picture against a tilted background gives the viewer an uncomfortable feeling. Shadows outlining the soldier’s face and body give depth to the vast space around him, enhancing the raw, unposed nature of the photo.

Honorable Mention ($50)


Priscilla Thomas, “Light Seeker”

Priscilla has been freelancing for about a year, and it’s paying off. Her second photo that placed in the competition is a self-portrait. She purchased an old camera at the Salvation Army and peered over the top as the self timer went off on her Nikon D300 camera. Judges agree that the overexposure gives a high color contrast and suits the subject matter well.

Honorable Mention ($50)


Abigail Miller, untitled

A collaboration between two friends, this photo was taken by Abigail with the guidance of Lauren Lothery as they played dress-up in the backyard. The judges appreciated the developed circus theme, which brings a fantastical and whimsical feel to the photo. The bright blue and the balance of red between the model’s hair and the leaves is portrayed nicely in the lighting. Abigail has been freelancing for a year and a half and concentrates mostly on portraiture.