Trademarks are a pain, aren’t they? Just when Perig Goulet, the owner of the building that used to house Lana, thought he had the perfect name for his new casual French restaurant — Poulette — he got a letter in the mail telling him it was trademarked.

“I wanted to call it Poulette not because it means little chicken and we’ll serve rotisserie chicken, but because it rhymed with Fourchette, the name of my former restaurant on King Street,” he says. Alas, no dice.

Instead, the clever Goulet has played with rhymes again and has renamed his new restaurant Goulette, adding a T and E to his own name.

“Goulette, Poulette, Fourchette, it rhymes,” he says. And it sounds the way people often mispronounce his last name anyway.

Goulet doesn’t have an opening date for Goulette yet, but he says he thinks it could be as soon as two weeks from now. “If not then, very soon after that,” he says.