[image-1]A carriage was Tyrannosaurus wrecked near Church and Linguard streets Thursday evening when someone dressed as a dinosaur spooked the horses pulling the cart.

According to a statement from the Charleston Police Department, a person wearing an orange dinosaur costume was walking south on the sidewalk on Church Street just ahead of the carriage. As the carriage neared Tommy Condon’s Irish Pub around 5:30 p.m., the prehistoric predator stopped and began making growling noises at the horses.

According to police, this spooked the horses, causing the animals to reverse course. As the animals backpedaled, the carriage struck an unoccupied vehicle, which resulted in minor damage to the bumper.

Police say no passengers or animals were injured in the incident, but the driver lost his balance and fell from the cart. He was transported to Roper Hospital with minor injuries after a carriage wheel rolled over one of his legs.

Police are investigating this incident and anyone with information is asked to call (843)743-7200 for the on-duty dino detective.