I have been attempting to vent my frustrations for a very long time about my Peruvian roomate and his girlfriend that have moved into the third bedroom of our house. I don’t believe this forum will actually do my emotions justice but it sure doesn’t stop me from trying. First, he steals my toilet paper. As in, opens the closet, snags multiple rolls for himself and then hides them in his room, refusing to use the TP that’s already in the bathroom. Oh, and did I mention that he actually pees with the seat DOWN. I have to sanitize the seat prior to every bathroom session. Apparently, hygiene in Peru takes a backseat to American hygiene. When he wipes his ass after he takes a dump, he doesn’t flush the paper. He leaves it in the wastebasket in the bathroom that he himself has never emptied. I am one step away from donning a hazmat suit to take out the trash. Second, the food that they cook smells like rancid cat meat and proceeds to stink up the house for weeks on end. This makes me relatively nervous as I own a cat that I love dearly. It would be a shame for him to become tapas. I think a lot of the problems arise from the fact that my roomate speaks almost no English and makes absolutely no attempt to. The nasty notes I have left him on his bedroom door about simple cleanliness are simply to make me feel better, not because I think he actually can and will read them.