Fresh from the blog of Charleston family court lawyer Gregory Forman, another insightful look at family law in South Carolina:

Posted Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 by Gregory Forman
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I happily represent a number of parents in family court whom the general population would label perverts. Perhaps this is a result of my growing up in what may have been the most sexually accepting bourgeois society in American history (the San Fernando Valley in the late 1970’s: think Boogie Nights). There’s a tremendous amount of sexual behavior that doesn’t interest me but doesn’t bother me either. You can get a decent feel for the sort of odd behaviors some of my clients engage in by reading Dan Savage’s excellent sex advice column, Savage Love. Whenever Dan writes about some previously-unknown-to-me sexual thrill—like sticking electric current up one’s urethra—there’s a pretty good chance I will be representing someone in the next few years who gets off on that.

Perhaps because of where and when I grew up, I find such kinks more bemusing than disgusting. I have a hard time picturing the woman who’s perusing some web site searching photographs of genitalia that hopeful suitors have posted—but evidently such women exist and I have some clients who post photos of their genitalia with the dream of meeting such women.

…And then there are pedophiles. These are people, generally men, who are sexually excited by children or involve children in their sexual behaviors. Short of castration, chemical or physical, medicine has not developed solid methods of keeping such folks safe to be around children. Assuming that pedophile is no more a “choice” than any other sexual preference, the plight of pedophiliacs is somewhat tragic but that doesn’t mean that family law shouldn’t be doing everything in its power to keep pedophiles away from children….

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