In its short time of existence, the Queen Street restaurant Petticoats, formerly known as David’s, has gone through more than a couple of changes. The restaurant now has new management, a new chef, and a renewed focus on Old Southern cuisine.

Taking over for her husband, Phyllis Wakat serves as part manager/part historian. The name Petticoats is a reference to the large role women played during the revolution, just part of the Old South experience Wakat is trying to manufacture. Treated to generations-old recipes, patrons are meant to feel like company. “When you have company over, you do your darndest to put together something special,” explains Wakat.

New head chef Honor Richrod has been with the restaurant for months, but was promoted to the top spot only three weeks ago. In line with Wakat’s ideals, Richrod will be creating Old Southern dishes. You’ll find classic stuff like friend green tomatoes, deviled eggs, pulled pork barbecue, and plantation quail on the menu.

The two are very excited for the fall season, which brings new poultry, meat, and root vegetables that make for hearty Southern cuisine.