A couple months back, we were invited to take part in a segment being filmed at Peninsula Grill. The invitation said Chef Robert Carter’s coconut cake was going to be featured on a new Food Network show called Creme de la Creme, which would air in July. Turns out, the whole thing was part of Bobby Flay’s elaborate ruse to trick Carter into a throwdown. For the new season of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, the celeb-u-chef sets up unsuspecting cooks, making them think they’re demonstrating their signature dish for a new show, and then he waltzes in and challenges them to a cook off, attempting to outdo them at their own game. The episode with Bob Carter is slated to air Tues. July 1 at 9 p.m. and repeat throughout the week. The winner of the ultimate coconut cake remains undisclosed. Check it out and see who wins. We have a feeling Flay won’t be able to surpass the supreme goodness of Carter’s coconut creation. —Stephanie Barna


Organic and local food fanatics now have another place to eat fresh, this time with an ocean view. Huck’s Lowcountry Table, a new southern eclectic restaurant opened Tues. June 17 above the Banana Cabana in Isle of Palms where the One Eyed Parrot used to be. Owned and operated by Chef J.J. Kern, who used to work at Long Point Grill, Huck’s is a fresh certified restaurant featuring homemade pastas, daily specials, and nightly seafood options. All the items on the menu are under $20, so diners can enjoy their meal guilt-free as they watch the tide roll in from Huck’s glass-walled indoor patio. —Alison Sher


She-crab soup ice cream? Shrimp and grits gelato? From now until July 25, Circa 1886 is having a contest for the most original “Charleston” ice cream flavor. The winner will be selected based on taste, creativity, and availability by Circa’s team of award-winning chefs. The champion receives a complimentary dinner for four at Circa, and the ice cream will be featured on the menu throughout the month of August. Charlestonians can submit their suggestions at the restaurant’s website, If you can dream it, they can create it. Hopefully it will be tastier than the aforementioned. —Alison Sher