Photos via S.C. Coastal Conservation League

[image-1] The folks at the S.C. Coastal Conservation League shared some great photos over the weekend to relieve cabin fever and to show the wildlife that remains at Crab Bank in Charleston harbor.

“Crab Bank is one of the few places on the Atlantic coast where you can watch sea and shorebirds nesting—and we’re lucky enough to have it right here in the heart of Charleston harbor,” wrote executive director Laura Cantral. “With your support, the Conservation League played a key part in starting the process of restoring Crab Bank to its full, bird-filled glory after years of erosion.

“We’ll be returning our pelicam to its original home on Crab Bank one day, but in the meantime you can get a pelican fix from its temporary home on Shutes Folly. To learn more about Crab Bank and its story, click here.” Thanks to the Conservation League staff for taking the photos — and letting us republish them. [slideshow-1]