A mix of young punks, beer guzzlers, and old-school Charleston music scenesters packed the Tin Roof‘s main room on Saturday night for a loud and rowdy three-band bill. Many attended to see and hear the latest version of Genrevolta — the arty hard-rock trio led by singer/guitarist Philip Estes. Some showed up specifically to raise hell, throw suds, and knock about with the rambunctious Motormouth Mabel.

James Island-based, shoegazin’ punk/metal four-piece Bitchdigger opened the show with sludgy set of raw, buzzsaw originals, many of which were painfully out of tune. “Thanks for not going to the Widespread Panic show,” snarked the lead singer. “Drink more, smoke more … get fucked up.”

The five guys in Motormouth Mabel, stripped down to their undies on stage, seemed well ahead of their fans in the race to consume beer. Frontman CJ took more than a few half-full cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon to the face during their noisy, volatile set, but the slam-dance/beer-spit scene on and around the stage purely raunchy joy.

It looked like most of the late-night crowd — many of whom were the last soldiers of the old-school skate-punk army — knew the bands personally. It was practically a family reunion.

Backed by longtime drummer Pete Rivas and newly-enlisted bassist Darby McGregor, Genrevolta’s Estes did his howling/bellowing thing over the mic while hammering his Les Paul guitar. More focused and musically tight than the two openers, Genrevolta performed a vigorous set of old and new songs. After a nearly two-year hiatus, the trio sounded surprisingly tight and unified. In the vein of Nick Cave’s relentless performances (circa The Birthday Party days), Estes occasionally swapped his spot at stage left for the ceiling, jumping into an awaiting crowd that was happy to shuttle him across the room and almost into the rafters.

Motormouth Mabel