Despite the cold, Charlestonians showed up to pay homage to Lady Gaga at the second annual Gaga Day Saturday. Thanks to more pre-planning and a larger venue this time around, the event had more people and more space than the impromptu inaugural event.

With Lady Gaga blaring over the speakers at the Joe, participants channeled her through their dancing, attitudes, and wacky costumes. And it wasn’t just the girls; plenty of guys showed up, some looking more like Gaga than others. The true fans braved the cold and exposed large amounts of their bodies to the elements, and for Ashley Brooks it paid off. Her costume consisted of a fishnet tights, a platinum wig, and a black leotard covered in white geometric shapes. She won tickets to Charleston Fashion Week when celebrity judges Ayoka Lucas, Brooke Ryan (back for a visit), Andrew Petersen, and Tanya and Kelly from Two Girls & a Guy chose her as the best Gaga.

Because of the chill in the air, the event at The Joe ended early but the party didn’t. The monsters and their sidekicks had planned to head over to Club Light for the official after-party but the venue fell through. Fish on King stepped up, turning upstairs into Gagaland.

“Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but the people that came out are the true little monsters, and that’s what Gaga Day is about,” said Joe Quinn, organizer of Gaga Day Charleston.

It wasn’t just about the Gaga of it all. The event also raised money for the Trevor Project, a national nonprofit organization focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth. Although the money is still being counted, Quinn said, “I am very impressed with how generous people were.”

Will there be a GaGa Day next year? Only time and her celebrity status will tell.