Friday night Charleston Comedy Festival continued in full force as road-weary comedians — just arrived from Chicago, New York, and beyond — swarmed local venues. Shows all over town were packed nearly to capacity with crowds ready to laugh away the January doldrums. Found Footage Festival, Switchboard, BS, and Cook County Social Club with Butterscotch, on the Rocks were just some of the acts garnering a lot of buzz. Folks at the Ballet Theatre, where we camped out for most of the night, certainly seemed happy with NYC groups Elephant Larry, Pangea 3000, and Sidecar. Heck, even up in North Chuck, local boys This Is Chucktown drew hundreds of fans. (Take that, Rodney Carrington!)

As the night wore on, comics finishing up their shows slowly trickled into Mellow Mushroom for the L’After Party. A family reunion vibe took over the place as long-lost friends reunited and bonded over jokes, beer, and Van Gogh shots. I chatted with the Cook County Social Club guys, who gave me a guilt trip for saying that their Thursday night set, featuring Brendan Jennings running around in a wrestling mask and little else, had made me uncomfortable. Rob Belushi said he’s been totally charmed by the Holy City, and I bonded with Andre Comfort of the Assorted Rogues over Twitter and fishy-smelling boots. Also spotted: some Beards of comedy, City Paper cover girl Eliza Skinner, Sitting at the Grown Up Table’s Holly Laurent, Matt and Evan Bivans, Henry Riggs, the Sidecar guys, Brandy Sullivan … and pretty much everyone else performing at Comedy Fest.

It’s the final night of CCF, and we hear tickets are selling fast. Buy in advance, show up early, and don’t miss the L’After Party at Mellow Mushroom.