My week started out pretty early when I went to a masquerade birthday party on Monday. Besides appearances by tall green monsters, battling the heat, and wearing masks, we ate burned Bagel Bites. If you are one of those people daring enough to want me at your party, all you have to do is serve those little round pieces of heaven. Fortunately, I have friends with brains and we got tickets to Phillip Glass’s Book of Longing far in advance and went to the Sottile Theatre on Wednesday. The poetry was really amazing and the music wasn’t too bad, either. Thursday night I went to a dinner party and Betsy Franck and the Bare Knuckle Band were totally hanging out there. We all made our way to the Pour House after dinner to see the band perform, and they were awesome. I made up for the cover by drinking $1 PBRs all night. Saturday night was the Piccolo Spoleto Finale at Hampton Park. It was too hot to even go to the beach that day so I knew the park was going to be a sauna. After embracing my sweatiness, I utilized the Greek dancing skills I learned at a wedding last month, holding hands and running around in circles while the Israeli Jazz Trio played fantastic music. The fireworks were great and this was yet another perfect Charleston event for the whole family. Sunday afternoon a few friends and I trekked out to Middleton Place for the Spoleto finale and luckily the rain held off and we had a great time. Champagne bottles popping open, the smell of finger foods, chamber music, and fireworks all filled the air. You missed a lot of fun if you didn’t make it out there.

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