Most of the big Halloween parties that took place over the weekend were just a distant memory once the actual holiday arrived Monday. Even so, there were still healthy crowds to be found downtown on All Hallow’s Eve.

Mellow Mushroom was empty at first, but a steady trickle of costumed celebrants began filing in to the top-floor bar and deck a little after 10 as a Where’s Waldo DJ kept the beat steady. Elvis and Prince were spotted (though not together) as was the Pope, who was engaged in a little unholy activity.

The atmosphere down the street at Torch was notably darker and more subdued with a sparse (and seated) mix of folks scattered throughout the bar at just after 11.

We finished off the night at Big John’s Tavern, which was much more lively. Girls twisted and turned on the lengthy bar top as the elaborately costumed crowd got up close and personal on the floor.