Sam Beam — a.k.a. Iron & Wine — started off Sunday’s Charleston Music Hall show by getting cozy and asking the audience what they wanted to hear.

Touring in support of his latest album, Ghost on Ghost, Beam proceeded to field a number of requests while revealing that he couldn’t quite remember all the lyrics.

Despite this, the South Carolina native laughed and enjoyed his time on stage. The personal atmosphere felt like being at a friend’s house show. Eventually, Beam closed the “request line” for “a little Sam time”.


While Ghost On Ghost has enabled Beam to broaden his singer-songwriter prowess toward a jazzy, fuller sound, he chose to perform solo at the Music Hall. Take away the glitzy recording studio trappings and Beam is left exposed on stage, with only the accompaniment of a stool and the shield of a guitar. This is where Iron & Wine truly shines.

There was even a nod to Charleston with the song “Dirty Dream”, which begins with the line “Charleston begs for broken glass / And the morning clouds are blue.”

Alabama siblings, The Secret Sisters, opened the show, and they came out near the end of Iron & Wine’s set to help out with a cover of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights”. See below for full set list.

Iron & Wine
Charleston Music Hall

Resurrection Fern
Sodom, South Georgia
Grace For Saints And Ramblers
Boy With A Coin
16, Maybe Less
Low Light Buddy Of Mine
Godless Brother In Love
Peace Beneath The City
Bird Stealing Bread
Big Burned Hand
Caught In The Briars
Dirty Dream
Biting Your Tail
Southern Anthem
The Trapeze Swinger
Jesus The Mexican Boy
Monkeys Uptown
Upward Over The Mountain
Such Great Heights*

*w/ The Secret Sisters