This weekend the North Charleston Coliseum was overrun by dusty cowboy boots, gleaming belt buckles, and bucking bulls. Forty cowboys took a shot at glory and cash at the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Touring Pro Division competition.   

From the beginning salute to America, complete with pyrotechnics, through the closing ceremony, the audience was tense as riders attempted to cling to the back of a bucking bull for eight seconds. A collective gasp could be heard when a rider hit the ground, and the coliseum erupted in cheers when the buzzer signaling eight seconds went off. While waiting their turns, the riders were gentlemen, signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans. Elliott Jacoby, from Fredericksburg, Texas, walked away the winner.

The cowboys weren’t the only ones who put themselves in the ring with a 1,500 pound bull; colorfully dressed rodeo clowns distracted the bulls from dismounted riders. With goofy smiles, wacky dance moves, and never-ending jokes, the three clowns kept the crowd entertained throughout the competition. They were assisted by a patient horse named Little Joe and his rider whose job it was to round up errant bulls determined to stay in the spotlight.

Just as quickly as they arrived, the bulls were loaded into their trailers and the dirt was swept out of the coliseum — it’s almost as if they were never there. The PBR tour will return to S.C. in March for another round of bucking bulls, composed cowboys, and the ever-entertaining rodeo clowns.