There was a noticeable lack of skin at this year’s Skinful, but it really didn’t matter, since there was so much other stuff going on. Sol Driven Train brought out Elise Testone and kicked off a “Thriller” zombie dance party, while Mix Master Mike and Too Short also took the stage. I didn’t get down on the main dance floor until well after 3 a.m., when the New Birth Brass Band played their far-from-polished New Orleans funk parade like only a real Ninth Ward brass band can. There was plenty of weirdness as well, like this one gal who encouraged folks to staple $20 bills to her thigh and buttocks with an industrial staple gun. Meanwhile, the side of the main stage was decorated with creepy cartoons depicting a forest of penises emerging from the ground and penetrating multiple orifices of alien-looking females. That being said, the truck-sized fire breathing metal dragon was a nice touch.

Check out a video from Skinful on the front page.

For more information about the accident that happened the night of the event, visit the links below.