It’s not like the former Church of the Redeemer at 32B North Market St. didn’t already feel like a den of hedonism when Mad River Bar & Grill called the downtown spot home. But now, with the opening of renovated 5Church Charleston restaurant, the location has fully embraced goth chic. It looks like the kind of place Twilight’s Edward Cullen would take Bella for an anniversary date. (Ya know, if the sparkly vampire could eat human food without throwing up).

The design of restaurant, which opens tonight, echoes co-owners Alejandro Torio and Patrick Whalen’s Charlotte restaurant of the same name. And just like at the Queen City location, 5Church Charleston has large banquettes, a pop art $5 bill on the wall, and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War painted on the ceiling. But there’s also a metallic dead tree looming in a corner, angel wings hanging above the bar, and a cold grey hue about the room. With a huge bar, there’s no debating a certain club feel, which may be the result of Torio’s past career as a nightclub promoter. Last night’s soft opening featured a playlist tuned into dance beats, confirming a full-on Vegas vibe.

City Paper photographer Jonathan Boncek shares a look at the space. 

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