The Doobie Brothers, Bobby Houck
North Charleston Performing Arts Center
Nov. 14

The seats were packed at the Performing Arts Center for the Doobie Brothers concert on Sun. Nov. 14. It was a larger crowd than some expected to see, comprised mostly of older fans who’d been following the California group since their initial heydey in the 1970s. They got what they were hoping for.

Local songwriter Bobby Houck (of the Blue Dogs) opened with a heartfelt and amusing acoustic set. The Doobies took the stage at 8 p.m. sharp. Led by original bandmembers Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons, who took turns handling lead vocals and guitar duties, the band delivered all the old hits, opening with “Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)” and “Jesus Is Just Alright.”

They did a twangy rendition of their current single, “Dangerous,” with John McFee picking cool licks on his resonator guitar. The three-part and four-part harmonies and dueling guitar solos were highlights.The two young drummers on full-sized drum kits rumbled in perfect meter behind it all.

Local photographer J.R. Getches (a skilled guitarist himself) was there, clicking away (see slideshow at right).