Taco Boy’s Halloween Bash was arguably the number one place to see and be seen Saturday night. Long before we even reached the parking lot, we knew we were in for total mayhem, given the cars parked along the street. Funny and strange creatures walked the sidewalks, forming a line to get inside the gate. The restaurant appeared to be at capacity. At the center of the throbbing mob was Dub Island and the Dubplates playing festive tunes.

It never fails to amaze me how zealous people are about Halloween. My own costume seemed crazy-boring in the melange of aliens, bathing beauties, decrepit monsters, and video game characters. The Doublemint Girls gave me a pack of gum, which I happily stuffed into my purse with other Hallow’s Eve goodies.

One of the most amazing costumes was a walking house with balloons attached, in the spirit of the Pixar film Up. I approached the people peering out of the house’s windows and courteously asked them if I could feed them a drink, since they couldn’t use their hands. Much to my surprise, they informed me that they had everything they needed inside the house. Their ingenuity was rewarded — they won the $1,000 costume contest.

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