[image-1] A memo from the City Office of Cultural Affairs this afternoon brings the news that Ellen Dressler Moryl and Co. will be announcing the Piccolo Spoleto program on April 10, noonish, at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park.

We’ve already got the skinny on a few choice parts of the Little Festival, though, including the complete lineup of Theatre 99’s massive Piccolo Fringe and Cellar Entertainment’s broad music program. The Piccolo Fringe entering its seventh year, has been growing so much in size and scope lately that it’s threatening to engulf its host festival altogether, sort of the way a parasitic alien lifeform takes over its host body, but without all the pus. Cellar Entertainment will be bringing musical theatre, plus truckloads of jazz, R&B, salsa, and soul. and I’ll deconstruct both those beasts piece by piece in this space soon — but for the moment you can satisfy yourself with the column I dedicated to the Fringe in last week’s paper (and the feature staffer Sara Miller crafted on Theatre 99 headliners Human Giant in this week’s ish).

Also from the Grapevine Department, word has it that Piccolo’s marquee art exhibit at the aircraft hanger-sized Waterfront Gallery will be a solo show dedicated to Charleston artist Fletcher Crossman. The British expat’s three supersized realist paintings at Robert Lange Studios on East Bay Street are some of the most talked-about works there. HIs self-portrait ‘Blindfold’ (that’s it pictured), for example, is an epic 10×6 feet. Ask them to tell you the story of how they got it into the studio sometime. (Hint: it wasn’t up the stairs.) —PS