“We’re reformed whores. It’s also the name of our band.” That’s the traditional self-introduction you’ll get when Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame come onstage, looking prim with their pastel dresses and sparkling grins. For a moment, you’ll think you’ve accidentally bought tickets to an oddly chipper turn-or-burn revival, but by the time they hit the chorus of one of their bawdier numbers — like “Birth Control,” “Southern Cumfort,” or “Douchebags” — you’ll realize you’ve come to the right place.

Anderson and Frame live in New York City, but they share an adoration for country stars like Dolly Parton and Minnie Pearl. Like their heroes, they are bold and engaging onstage. But unlike anyone who’s ever performed at the Grand Ole Opry, they use a baby doll as a maraca. They also have a song called “I’m a Slut!” written in response to Rush Limbaugh’s infamous comments about Sandra Fluke and her use of birth control. And they have an entire song about dookie.

“One way or another, brother/ A girl has gotta drop that mother/ ‘Cause Lord knows if she didn’t, she’d explode!” Frame sings on the public-service-announcement track “Girls Poop Too,” which appears on their full-length album Girls Don’t Spit. The song and the accompanying music video are heavy on jokes about going to browntown, and it’s easy to imagine it being a hit on their recent tour dates opening for Les Claypool’s Duo de Twang. But really: Was that a misconception that they encountered in actual conversations with guys?

“Oh, yes!” Frame and Anderson reply via e-mail, chipper as ever. “Not one conversation in particular, but it’s a pretty well-known myth that girls don’t poop. We just thought it was about time to debunk that one. Sorry, guys!” —Paul Bowers