The Southern Comfort Lowcountry Blues Bash came to a rousing conclusion on Sunday, Feb. 17 with two big shows on either side of town. Out on Bowens Island, a much larger-than-expected crowd of locals of all ages, dogs and kids of all sizes, and a variety of visitors turned up for the “grand finale” jam session between 4-8 p.m. In the main music room by the waterway, a rotation of local singers and musicians took turns playing deep cuts and popular tunes for the packed room throughout the evening. Here are a few photos:

Juke Joint Johnny’s nasty harmonica solos on the bullet mic. [image-1][image-2][image-3]

[image-4]Guitarist Tommy Thunderfoot’s swingin’ set and dual guitar work with a talented adolescent named Jake (the Fender Strat looked almost oversized for the mop-topped pre-teen).

Vocalist/harp player Andy “Smoky” Weiner sang and blew tunes with [image-5]Tommy Thunderfoot and the band through some hot stuff. The rendition of “I’m a Hog for You, Baby” (originally by The Coasters) was tops.[image-6]

Afterward, several groups of fans made the drive over Mt. Pleasant for the very last official Blues Bash gig — Savannah-based blues-rock [image-7]trio Hitman (led by singer/guitarist Brett “Hitman” Barnard, with bassist Maggie Evans and drummer Marc Corday) at A Dough Re Mi.

Members of the newly-established, A Dough Re Mi-based Lowcountry Blues Club [image-8](including local singer/guitarist Skye Paige, pictured here with Hitman and friend) hollered out at every turn. It was a packed house and a smokin’ music jam.