It started as mere association between three women. Then they became a power trio of food and underwear. Margaret Furniss, co-founder of Caviar & Bananas, met Margaret Bjork through her husband. Starting a new chapter in her life, Bjork began an internet company selling expressive ladies’ underwear called Private Eyes Undies. Furniss also made her acquaintance with local Charlestonian Lindsay Doolittle, who has been a regular at Caviar & Bananas. Doolittle recently founded 3.14 Pies, selling her culinary creations through (you guessed it) Caviar & Bananas (and Café Medley on Sullivan’s Island).

As a fun way to introduce these two rising entrepreneurs, Caviar & Bananas will host a one-night-only event called Pie & Panties. 3.14 Pies’ mission is to change the way people look at the American classic and transform it into a designer dessert. (If you’ve ever seen the pies on ABC’s Pushing Daisies, those are what 3.14 Pies look like.) At the event, Doolittle will offer free samples of the Salted Rim Margarita, the Blackberry Cabernet, and the Chocolate-Peanut Butter Fusion, all made from the freshest local ingredients. Private Eyes Undies will also premiere their latest line of “girl power panties” featuring sassy phrases aimed to make women feel empowered. Bjork’s line of underwear will be paired with a matching pie from 3.14. And the gourmet supermarket will supply complimentary champagne.

Pie & Panties begins on May 26 from 5:30-8 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information, call (843) 5777-7757. You can also check out Bjork’s online storefront. And to place an order with 3.14 Pies, call (843) 608-8314.