A pair of Petes is putting plans together for a ping-pong palace, and, oh yeah, it will have gourmet burgers and a bar too. Johnson & Wales grads Pete Smith and Pete Rievas came up with the idea of combining gourmet burgers and ping-pong simply because it was a concept they both like. According to Smith, “It’s something creative that we have never seen before.” There aren’t many people that don’t like ping-pong and even fewer that don’t like burgers. So why not combine the two?

The Petes are 99 percent sure that the name of their new place is HoM, which is located at 563 King St., the former home to the Trusted Palate, which has been gutted to make way for the new venture. The Petes are waiting on the BAR to come in and check their architect’s plans so things can really get rolling. They hope to be open by Feb. 1, 2011 at the earliest and March 1 at the latest.

Since things are still in the toddler stage, the menu hasn’t been fully developed, but ideas are already in motion. They’ll have 8-10 themed burgers offering a couple varieties in toppings and a selection of veggie burgers. They’ll make the condiments and grind the grass-fed beef in house, and will have fresh bread, additional sandwiches, salads, and handspun milkshakes. At the heart of their vision they want people to come in and eat quality food, viewing HoM as a restaurant first, ping-pong lounge/bar second, and ultimately have a great time.