Mark your calendars for Charleston’s cheesiest event yet.

It’s all going down at Pitt Street Pharmacy in Mt. Pleasant’s Old Village, where professional eater Randy Santel will attempt to break Pitt Street’s grilled cheese eating record. The current record holder is David Hester, who ate 27 grilled cheeses in an hour in 2013.

According to Moultrie News, the competition started in 2008 when a man named Gray Ellington ate a total of eight sandwiches.

Will Santel come out on top? Given his impressive eating history — and title — we think he has a pretty good shot at blowing this Old Village contest out of the water. He’s won over 779 food competitions in over 30 countries around the world, and those numbers are only growing.

The grilled cheese event will mark the start of his “2019 4th Quarter Food Challenge” travels as he pursues wins in 50 different countries. Now that’s determination.

Not only is Santel a professional eater and trainer for future eaters, he’s also got a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Even though he eats big, Santel advocates for nutrition, fitness, and personal wellness, which is going to be a necessary balance after attempting to down almost 30 grilled cheeses.