Eugene Platt is back in the race for state House District 115, and this time he’s wearing a solid shade of Green.

After losing in the Democratic Primary in 2008, Platt was kept out of the race as the Green Party candidate because of a state law preventing a primary loser from appearing on the November ballot.

This race isn’t about a grudge with the Democratic Party, says Platt. It’s about options and making people aware of the Green Party.

“I think people across America want alternatives to the choices they have now,” Platt says.

The James Island and Folly Beach district has seen two very close elections in the last four years, with Democrat Anne Peterson Hutto narrowly beating Republican incumbent Wallace Scarborough in 2008.

A longtime member of the James Island Public Service District board, Platt says his campaign will focus on labor rights, the environment, public education, and social justice issues like capital punishment.