City Paper writers' favorites from 2021 ranged from satirical rock to experimental pop and hip-hop | Credit: Provided

There are simply too many amazing local tunes that came out of 2021, so City Paper has accepted that it can’t possibly round up all of them for you, but here we are anyway with our best attempt.

For this music section editor, indie is where it’s at personally and hip-hop is essential in any repertoire.

Highlights from this year — songs that get stuck in your head first thing in the morning — include Simplicity’s maniacal rock heard on “Laughter,” Little Bird’s lightweight “Ain’t Dead Yet,” and Loser Chris’ crooning rap track, “Never Blow Your Cover.”

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Today, we’ve got a handful of our favorites from local artists we’ve talked with and followed through 2021. This is a playlist you can definitely let ride at any year-end gathering to reminisce on 2021 and look forward to 2022.