• Leslie McKellar
  • Weird Science (most of them, anyway)

Back in 2007, Charleston cover band Playlist emerged from the shards of Weird Science, a long-running act that regularly worked the crowds with familiar ’80s rock hits, New Wave favorites, and fist-raising anthems. Four of the five members of Weird Science — guitarist Jason Gantt, guitarist/keyboardist Jason Cooper, bassist Chris McLernon, and drummer John Befumo — bounced right back into the club circuit under the name Playlist with a fresh set of ’80s and ’90s hits. Bassist/guitarist Donnie Polk (of the Diesel Brothers) joined the band in 2009 after Gantt stepped aside.

“I think the hardline from the band is that we’re going back to our former name because we give the fans what they want,” says Cooper. “Gone are the songs of the ’90s. Back are the ’80s classics. Gantt is our new/old frontman, and he’ll eventually be doing most of the singing. He was with us before, and now he’s back, screaming for vengeance … in an ’80s pop sort of way.”

The band plans to perform under its previous moniker from now on. They make an official return at the Windjammer on Thurs. June 16 at 9 p.m. There’s a $6 cover.

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