This week’s cover story by Stephanie Barna illuminates the work of James Jamerson, a bass guitar virtuoso who was born on Edisto Island, but has been snubbed for decades for induction into the official S.C. Hall of Fame. [content-1]Jamerson’s career credits make up a crazy-long list of top Motown, soul, and Top 40 hits, a more impressive, illustrious collection of work than almost any other musician in history. From the basslines on Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin’ On to Jackson 5’s Darling Dear, Jamerson’s influence touched every corner of popular music for a generation.

“OK, I get it, he played on a lot of popular records,” you’re probably thinking.

To that I would tell you that I’m serious, James Jamerson played with almost every single popular musician of the Motown era.

So, check out the story in this week’s paper, on racks now, and listen to this Spotify playlist of just a few notable basslines laid down by Jamerson.