If the rain holds out, Spoleto might reach its sales target for this year of $2.2 million. That’s according to an Associated Press report from earlier today. Sales projections were already scaled back to meet a scaled back budget. This year, it was $6.2 million. In 2008, it was $8.4 million. Last year set a box office record, the lastest in a string of record-breakers stretching back over the past half decade. No one seems to be expecting that in 2009.

The economy isn’t the only thing kicking Spoleto in the shins. It’s the weather, too. That $2.2 million sales goal depends on whether the festival can sell well the rest of this weekend’s events. And many of the rest of this weekend’s events are outside. But the weather forecast (according to www.weather.com) is calling for a 60 percent chance of rain (the AP report said it was a 30 percent chance) today and Saturday. That includes thunderstorms, which tend to include unpleasant things like lightning.

(above courtesy of www.weather.com)