If you’re going to be packed in a room like sardines, let it be at the Tin Roof watching burlesque and drinking a Holy City brew. The dive bar was in overdrive Saturday night for Carnival Revival. Asheville acts Lucille Castille, Sneaky McFly “the stripping magician,” and Queen April warmed things up before local lovelies Evelyn DeVere and Plume de Paname took the stage, all giving stellar performances that received the appropriate whooping and hollering.

The Flat Foot Floozies played guitar, stand-up bass, trumpet, uke, and kazoo, giving their classy vintage jazz a Dixieland/ragtime flavor. Perhaps the most amazing feat of the night was that these musicians could play every note without getting distracted by the gorgeous women disrobing in front of them. During some songs, a woman clad in skorts over tattered stockings with leg and wrist warmers tap-danced wildly on stage to add a little percussion to the mix.

Three brave uninhibited souls from the audience participated in a tassel-twirling contest, donning bras with pastie tassels over their shirts and shaking it to see who could master the twirl, an essential burlesque skill.

The Wonderson Duo performed their hypnotic sexy acrobalance act and J Honea brought one painful freaky feat after another, from shoving a long nail up his nose to piercing his skin slowly to walking over crushed glass barefoot and then lying chest-down on the shards while a woman from the audience walked on his back. Most shocking of all, not one drop of blood was shed, even when people were staple-gunning cash to his chest, arms, and buttock. —Dee Dee Arthur