Plum Elements has been a bright spot on Lower King Street since opening in 2006. The art gallery/gift shop featured ceramics, Japanese-inspired art, and affordable gifts, highlighting works by artists like Mayumi Oda, Tina Hirsig, Jonathan Brilliant, and Lisa Shimko. Owner Andrea Schenck recently announced that the shop will soon close its doors for good.

“It’s been an incredible experience and I could not have done this without the warmth and enthusiastic support of the people who appreciated Plum Elements,” Schenck says. “I’m really grateful for that. An adventure like this is a collaborative effort.”

Schenck cites the economy as her reason for closing. “I think the convergence of a year-long significant construction combined with what happened with the economy combined with the fact that I was a fairly new business all contributed,” Schenck says. “If Plum Elements had been in existence for maybe five years when 2008 hit, then I might have been able to sustain it.”

Schenck does not yet have a closing date in mind — her goal is to sell everything in the store. “Part of what Plum Elements was about was being in the moment,” Schenck says. “So in practicing that, I want to be focused and dedicated to bringing it to a close in a manner that I think honors it and the people who have supported it. Then we’ll see what happens.” Everything in the store is on sale, and readers who mention this article can get an extra 5-10 percent off of their purchase, depending on the item.

“It’s really important for people to support their local independents,” Schenck says, “because that’s what makes Charleston Charleston.”