Charleston police are investigating a semi truck parked in front of Martha Lou’s Kitchen, a restaurant on Morrison Drive.

Lillie Gadsden, daughter of restaurant owner Martha Lou Gadsden, says she called police today after noticing that the truck had been parked in the gravel lot by the restaurant for four days. “I took it on myself to call the police, and then they found out that it was stolen,” Gadsden says. Police on the scene would not comment about whether the truck was stolen or what was inside it.

Today around 1:15 p.m., police could be seen opening the back door of the shipping container on the back of the truck and looking at the contents, but all that could be seen were several large cardboard boxes, including one wrapped in tape labeled with the website www.saertex.com.

Gadsden says the truck showed up around 7:30 or 8 p.m. Friday night, which was a busy night at the restaurant, and she never met the driver. As she was getting ready to close up for the evening, she says a white station wagon pulled up beside the truck, and a black man got out and went inside the truck cab.

“He just grabbed something real fast and shut the door, and they got back in the station wagon and pulled off,” Gadsden says.

The truck has an Ohio license plate on the front and a Tennessee license plate on the back.