Washington has recorded over 1,800 video interviews | Dustin Waters file photo

Charleston interviewer Quintin Washington was the victim of an alleged assault Tuesday just off Market Street, according to a report filed by Charleston police investigating the incident. Washington reported he was “fine” after the incident.

Washington said the confrontation involved school-aged kids on Market Street who heard him in conversation on the phone.

“I was talking with a friend, on Bluetooth, about how the kids ought to be in school after [I] saw them acting out at King and Market streets and one of them heard it,” Washington said in a Twitter message Tuesday.

The juveniles began following Washington as he walked along North Market Street, according to the report.

Washington, who has conducted nearly 2,000 on-camera interviews with Charleston newsmakers, recorded the incident on his phone. As one of the juveniles circled Washington on his bike, he knocked the phone to the ground.

Washington said he was walking to work nearby when the juveniles threw rocks and “physically fought” him on an empty lot just north of Market Street. Bystander video shows Washington involved in the scuffle before the other party rides away on their bike.

“I am going to let this and video speak for themselves for now,” Washington said.

Washington’s has published over 1,800 video interviews as part of his “Quintin’s Close-Ups” series since 2009, according to his YouTube channel. During a 2016 City Paper interview, just 460 videos in, Washington described his work as a “public service.”