According to a Charleston Police Department spokesman, the accusation that Thomas Ravenel assaulted a woman at his downtown home was “unfounded” and the case investigating the accusation has been closed.

Ravenel, a former state treasurer, is a star of the reality TV show Southern Charm (which he recently quit) and was a petition candidate in the Nov. 4 Senate race against incumbent U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham. On Oct. 20, hair stylist Lauren Moser told police that on the previous Friday night, Ravenel and his child’s mother Kathryn Dennis invited her over to their house on Charlotte Street. In a report that she filed with police, Moser said that Ravenel “stormed out of the house with the 7-month-old juvenile,” yelled at Dennis, and then fell into the pool with the baby in his arms. After the baby was taken out of the pool, Moser said she tried to follow Ravenel into the house, but he slammed the door behind him, hitting her twice and causing her to fall down three steps into some bushes.

In an e-mail tonight, Public Information Officer Charles Francis wrote, “The detectives conducted an investigation, and the investigation revealed the allegations were unfounded.”

Moser told police that she had taken video of the incident, although two days after she filed the report, Francis said the police department had not received a copy of the video. On Monday this week, Francis said that the police department had received the video. When asked for a copy of the video, Francis said that an officer would have to check with the police department’s in-house attorney before releasing it. Asked about the video tonight, Francis said the attorney still had not gotten back to him about releasing the video.