The Columbia Museum of Art has finished its final round of renovations, bringing the two-year project to a close. Over 15,000-square feet of functional space has been added to the existing museum, including new studios, event spaces, and a completely revamped museum shop. The new spaces will also allow the museum to showcase additional exhibits, such as the brand-new exhibition, Jackson Pollock: Mural.

The renovations, which were funded by a five-year fundraising campaign, provided the capital for CMA to do more than just add on to the museum space; the funds also provided an opportunity for museum to make significant changes to its operational structure, including longer gallery hours, flexible membership rates, and lowered admission prices.

In a statement, museum executive director Della Watkins expressed her feelings regarding the recent changes. “We are absolutely thrilled with renovations and the many creative opportunities they afford,” she said. “Every single change is meant to provide more ways to connect with art and each other.”

Those who have been to Columbia Museum this month already may have noticed signs for the new Jackson Pollock exhibition, which opened Dec. 5 and runs through May 19 2019.

A massive figure in American art history, Pollock was a New York-raised artist who perfected his unique “drip-painting” technique in a barn on Long Island. Mural is one of his most famous early paintings, one commissioned by collector Peggy Guggenheim that is shrouded in legend.

Some claimed that Pollack finished the 20-foot-long work on display in Columbia within one day, but those claims are likely part of the mythology around the work. It’s more likely that the painting was created over weeks in 1943. Either way, the painting drew quick critical acclaim, catapulting Pollack into the forefront of the new abstract expressionism movement.

Mural is on display in Columbia until May 19 2019. Also on exhibit at CMA is a separate show of Midcentury Masters, Pollack contemporaries, including Marcel Duchamp, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and S.C. native Jasper Johns, who donated multiple works to the museum in 1999.

Museum admission is $10 for adults, with reduced rates for seniors, military ($8), and students ($5). Children six and under are free. Guided tours are included with admission. The museum is closed Mondays. For full information, visit columbiamuseum.org.[location-1]