After a significant remodel of Social Restaurant & Wine Bar, Poogan’s Smokehouse is now open at 188 East Bay St. Following in sister property Poogan’s Porch’s footsteps, Chef Daniel Doyle is in charge as managing partner with Jeffrey Myers as Executive Chef.

Doyle and Myers debuted their dinner menu this weekend and it looks like all the traditional barbecue elements are there — mac & cheese, cast-iron cornbread, hash & rice. As for the ‘que itself, Poogan’s Smokehouse has gone beyond traditional pulled pork and included short ribs, full and half racks of St. Louis ribs, smoked sausage, and pork belly, not to mention a whole suckling pig that can be ordered 48 hours in advance. To our knowledge, Poogan’s may be the only place in town offering the piglet dish right now. (If you know of another, let us know.) 

Poogan’s Smokehouse plans to offer lunch and brunch soon, but for now dinner is available 5-10 p.m. with happy hour beginning at 4 p.m.