If you’ve ever heard Lindsey Graham speak, you’ve probably heard him say he grew up in a small Upstate town working in his family’s bar. Spending time in a bar since you were a young’n probably means you’re good at pool. Lindsey Graham is good at pool.

Living in Central, S.C. (pop. 5,000 these days), the Graham family owned a bar, a liquor store, and a pool hall up until he was in high school. Graham told former Obama adviser David Axelrod that spending his formative years in a tavern taught him the basics of politics.

“You have to be funny enough to keep em coming back. The food has to be good enough [that you] want to come back. And you have to be tough enough to not have your bar taken over.”

During an appearance Thursday on the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah, having heard that Graham was “a bit of a pool shark,” challenged the state’s senior senator to a quick game, with a twist. Whenever one of them missed a shot, they had to compliment Donald Trump by picking a card taped under the table.

It’s not the cleanest game of poll we’ve seen these days (CP readers recommend A.C.’s to see real hustlers at work), but you can tell Senator Graham knows how to call his shots.