Deciding where to live and how to decorate your digs is just as important as deciding which classes to register for. Wanna know what Charleston neighborhoods suit your taste? Looking for furnishings that fit your pocketbook? Take this quiz to determine your pad potential.

1. On an average Friday night you can be found…

A. at the KA house for a cocktail, then dinner at Cintra, followed by drinks at Tonic

B. at the Washout drinking beers and telling friends about the ridonculous wave you caught that afternoon

C. catching the latest show at the

Terrace Theatre after an opening at Redux, before meeting friends at the Upper Deck Tavern

D. watching the game, eating wings, and drinking beer

2. Your favorite place to eat is…

A. the latest Hank Holliday hot spot

B. whatever is closest and cheapest

when the munchies hit

C. whichever art/charity event is serving up free hors d’oeuvres

D. an all-you-can-eat buffet

3. A pet is the perfect…

A. accessory

B. frisbee partner

C. co-conspirator for the plotting of

the next great American cultural


D. jogging buddy

4. You spend most of your money on…

A. clothes

B. weed

C. cover charges

D. tube socks and tennis shoes

5. The best thing about Charleston is…

A. the shopping

B. the beach

C. the art and music scene

D. the golf courses


6. You get around town with your…

A. Porsche Cayenne

B. skateboard

C. bike

D. buddies. I am never without my


7. Your favorite celebrity is…

A. Paris Hilton

B. Laird Hamilton

C. Karl Marx

D. Maria Sharapova

8. My dream vacation would be…

A. a Hilton in Paris

B. Costa Rican eco-vacay

C. a backpack, an iPod, and a Eurail pass

D. Florida spring training camp

9. The TV show most like your life is…

A. The O.C.

B. That 70’s Show

C. Entourage

D. ESPN’s Sportscenter

10. What’s your Starbucks…

A. the Frappucino flavor of

the month

B. an iced green tea

C. venti coffee — black

D. you only drink Gatorade



Mostly A

The Socialite

To support your socialite lifestyle, it is safe to assume, you’re loaded. With cost not a factor, your options are limitless. The rents in Charleston are high — a two-bedroom within walking distance of the College of Charleston averages $1,200 a month. But you’ve got your Cayenne, why not live on Sullivan’s or IOP? An island condo with a view starts at $950. Take your interior designer to the Upper King Design District for all of your furnishing needs, where shops like Dwelling and Circa Lighting can help you tastefully decorate your expensive abode.

Mostly B

The Beach Bum

Folly would be the ideal location for you, surf lover. Rent starts at $825 a month for a two-bedroom. Just a little up the road, in James Island, you can snag a spot for a much more affordable $700 a month. Given your love of the outdoors, a designer sofa is probably not a priority. Find a gently used version at one of Charleston’s Habitat for Humanity locations (downtown at 731 Meeting St. or out on Johns Island at 3304 Maybank Hwy. or in Mt. Pleasant at 1558 Ben Sawyer Blvd.).

Mostly C

The Bohemian

Downtown Charleston’s “cuspy” neighborhoods are the domain of bohemian enclaves. Elliotborough, East Side, West Side, and Wagener Terrace offer affordable rents — one bedrooms starting at $575 a month — and lots of character. For furniture, just cherry-pick the trash piles. The best times for dumpster diving are at the end of May, June, and July, when other co-eds find it much too taxing to do things like pack and put things in trash bags.

Mostly D

The Jock

Location is more important to you than your home’s interior — the place is just going to smell like funky gym socks, rotting pizza, and stale beer anyway. If you’re going to splurge on a home accessory, we predict it will be a big-screen TV and the latest Playstation system. Find an apartment with easy access to a gym like the St. Andrews Family Fitness Center in West Ashley (1642 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.), which is also close to the St. Andrews Parks and Playground area, which has tennis and basketball courts, plus soccer, softball, and baseball fields.